Janet O'Rourke Designs

Janet and Jay O'Rourke

Welcome to the world of Janet and Jay O'Rourke. We have been collaborating for over 35 years. Fly on board with Janet O'Rourke designs, Whimsical fairies, Flower Birds, Mermaids, and other fanciful imagery, elaborate patterns and textures. The vibrant artistry that marks Janet O'Rourke Designs style creates beautiful artwork with great customer appeal. Janet O'Rourke Designs artwork is the essence of Victorian revival, mixed with modern themes and styles.

Janet's pencils, paint brushes and carving tools are her magic wands. Jay's lathe and carving tools are his magic. Together they create unique, one of a kind work.

Janet and Jay have been involved for over 35 years in the woodworking media and are nationally known for their turnings, carvings and boxes. A husband and wife team, they created a nationally known business, Jay O Boxes where they worked in exotic hardwoods for many years.

Now they spend their time as Janet O'Rourke Designs. Time is spent doing amazingly detailed illustrations with colored pencils or looking for wood salvaged from storms and tree trimmers. Our work is green we salvage logs from fallen trees after storms; Let the wood cure for about a year. We turn, and sculpt hollow form lidded wood vessels. We also do large wall pieces all carved with the same technique as the wood vessels. We carve each piece by hand; we use pigment, pyrography, colored Pencils, Swarovski rhinestones, and crowns. All our work is finished with an acrylic lacquer. They have exhibited in many art fairs including American Craft Council shows and the Smithsonian Craft show. Janet and Jay's work can be seen in Gallery's across the world. They are in many private and corporate collections and museum collections. They are featured in over 14 books.

We love sharing our vision with each other and the world. Our inspiration is from nature, birds, insects, gardens and magic. Hopefully our work will make you smile then our job is done. Janet O'Rourke Designs signature style of ethereal beauty is available as original drawings, amazing sculptures, turnings, and carvings, fine art prints, wholesale and licensing opportunities or you can find us at a juried art show on a given weekend.

Thank you so much for visiting our world,

With love,

Janet and Jay O'Rourke